Yes... More delays than anticipated... again. But it's truly not my fault this time.

The Campaign for Real Time saw my last post and reported it to Temporal Investigations. Technically, I should have done this myself, but the change seemed too insignificant to waste T.I.'s valuable time with.

And so, I had to spend several days explaining to investigators why erasing that one post from history was not harmful to anyone else's timeline, and that this was the only notable change, and that only my personal timeline was affected by the incident in question. They still had to lock me out and go through the webserver to check for further damage and risks to the Timeline.

It turns out that it was a good thing they did. Their investigation proved that it was hardly even my fault! It was just another TimeQuake that Daylight Savings Time had more to do with it than I did.

But now that we're past all that, It's time to turn our attention to the Christmas season that is now upon us. Because really, hasn't it been upon us since at least mid-October? I believe I know why, and it may be cause for some concern. I'll have more information on this in the days ahead.

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I've learned something interesting tomorrow. It seems that my web-server is located on a temporal fault line and is occasionally subjected to TimeQuakes. This particular quake caused The Square Root of Cheese to skip right over Thursday. The end result is that the advice I had given today fell between the cracks in space-time and was never actually given. What you are reading now, won't actually be written until tomorrow when I find out what happened, but I had to send it back in time to you so that you would be aware of the situation.

Baring any more TimeQuakes, your regularly scheduled advice column will return next Thursday.

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