Time War

My dear readers,

Do I still have any readers? It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?
There is much that I have wanted to do... so many things that I said I would do... so much that I could have accomplished by now... and have not done...

The problem is Time. I can’t get anything done without it, but I rarely have Time when I need it. And when I do have Time, it's always slipping away and running out on me.

You might say that it’s my own fault for not keeping a closer watch on Time. And I must admit that I have underestimated how fast it can move... Regardless, it has become clear that Time is not on my side. And if Time is against me, then I need to take a more offensive stance.

I am declaring War on Time.

No more will Time get the best of me. No more talk of “If I can find time.” No more will whole months pass without new content. No more excuses.


Watch out Time. I’m coming for you.*


*I’m not looking to kill Time (then there would be no Time at all). But I’ll take any risk to tie back the hands of Time. I just want to slow it down so it can’t escape me again.

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