Oh Wise One,

How much faith should I put in my fortune cookies? I didn't used to worry about it because I kept getting ones that had random sayings and good advice, but all of a sudden it's like they're really talking to me. "All your sorrows will vanish" and "Your luck is about to change." Should I trust them and go buy lotto tickets?


Dear Fortunate Cookie

If that is the order you got your Fortunes in, you must act quickly. Fortune Cookie Regulations require a one week minimum for the Cookie to impact your life. After that period, the next Cookie is allowed to change or overrule the first. In your case, "Your luck is about to change," will give you the opposite of the Vanishing Sorrows Cookie.

The best advice for your situation is to bring other factors into play. Lotto tickets can still be a good investment if you simply break a mirror before your luck is inverted.


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