Sorry for the delay folks. The weed killer hasn't worked as quickly as I'd hoped... I was however, able to put a whole question and answer through this time. Maybe next week will be better... or at least more timely.

Your continued patients is appreciated as I work through this barrier.

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Dear Deli Dude,

Okay... this is a little gross, but I've had these three pimples on my leg... right under my right hand pocket. They bear an uncanny resemblance to the Bermuda Triangle.

Now I can't find my wallet. I know it was in my pocket... Could the Triangle have taken it? And can I get it back?


Dear Triangle Man,

There is a good chance that you can get it back. But there will be a cost you'll have to consider..

Before the pimples heal, get yourself a long range homing device and carry it around in the pocket that you kept your wallet in. If you know where you were when the wallet disappeared, wait there for the homing beacon to follow it.

Also, be prepared to travel. There's about a 63% chance that it is actually in or near the actual Bermuda Triangle.
This is the cost you'll have to consider: Are the contents of your wallet worth the trip to Bermuda and the likely need to rent scuba gear?

Also, also, be prepared to replace it anyway. Odds are in your favor, but there is only about a 85% chance that it is still on present day Earth.


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