Dear Cheese Person,

How is it that the Mario brothers are able to jump so high? I've never met a plumber that could jump over something three times taller than himself. How did they get their power? Can I get it too?

Puzzled Pipe Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

Mario and Luigi have often been credited with superhuman leaping ability, but this is only half true... It is true that they have many impressive abilities, but jumping is not actually one of them. All of their well known adventures just happen to take place in a world where the laws of gravity are less strictly enforced. We can see this not only in the Bros. amazing leaps, but also in the levitating bricks and metal blocks that are visible throughout the landscape.

If you are dreaming of jumping like the Brothers Mario, don't waste your time/money at plumbing school (unless you'd also like to be a plumber). Just pay a visit to the Mushroom Kingdom yourself.


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