There are three things that need to be brought to your attention today. And each of them are theoretically related.

First, my job search has paid off! I gave my 2-weeks notice last Thursday and will be clocking out of Butter Maid for the last time next Thursday. The following Monday I start at the local Tool Box factory. The best part is that I'm expecting to work for the evening shift, which means that The Square Root of Cheese can officially be my Day Job!

Second is that Printfection, the printing service that handles orders for the Gift Shop, has decided to run another sale for no reason at all. Well, I'm declaring my above news as the reason for the sale. Here are the coupons you will need:

Dates: Today - November 3rd

Coupon Code: NoExcuse
Discount: Save $10 off an order with a subtotal of $50+

Coupon Code: PFLuvsU
Discount: Save $30 off an order with a subtotal of $100+

Disclaimer: Please enter coupon code NoExcuse or PFLuvsU before completing checkout. Minimums are based on the subtotal of products and does not include taxes or additional charges. This offer may not be combined with other offers. If enough people share this promo some orders may be delayed a little beyond normal ship times. Coupons valid from 10/27/2011 to 11/03/2011 11:59 pm Mountain Time.

The "I Quit" design on a mug

Lastly, this sale ends the same day my current job ends. Which makes this the perfect opportunity to promote one of the designs in the Gift Shop.

I initially came up with this design when I gave up a bad habit of my own. It was intended to help anyone in a similar situation to remember/celebrate how serious they were about quitting. But when I put it on a T-shirt and started to wear it to work, my coworkers misinterpreted it as a symbol of wanting to end my employment there.

After some thought I've decided that this is a fitting interpretation since I am on my way out now. So for the duration of this sale, I went ahead and slapped that image on every product that Printfection offers. But that's a lot to maintain. So when it's all over next week, I'll be scaling back to a more reasonable number of items. (Read: 'Limited time offer')

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