The barrier continues to weaken! ... but it's still pretty tough... Only one again this week. It seems that as the plant-like properties fade, it is taking on the properties of a Writer's Block of sorts.

I'll keep working on it. Meanwhile, at least a little advice will get through each week.

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Cheesy Man,

Do you ever feel like you're being watched? I feel like that all the time. You know how in Harry Potter the pictures move and talk to people? Is that real? Can people see me through their pictures? I need to know, because my roommate wants to put a Nicolas Cage poster in our bathroom, and that's just creepy.


Dear Watched,

I see what you mean... I have nothing against Mr. Cage, but there are just some places he should not be... However, if you can't talk your roommate out of it, there is a way to put your fears to rest.

The only way to really be sure is to take some markers and/or stickers and make changes to Nick's surroundings in the poster itself to see if you can get a reaction. (You will definitely want to get your roommate's permission first. Even if you have erasable markers and removable stickers.)

My personal favorite is to draw bubbles and apply stickers of fish. If the picture is magical, the bubbles and fish will start moving along with the rest of it. Also, being magical, he probably won't need to breath, but I'd recommend also drawing him an air supply just in case.

If it's just an ordinary poster, nothing will happen. Erase your modifications and remove the stickers as best you can.

If it still creeps you out, just install another shower curtain in front of it.


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