I should have been more careful when taking that question about the Triangle. Long story short (I'll come back to it at the end of this post), it triggered a chain reaction that swept the SRoC and I away on the Winds of Time... And then buried it in the Sands of Time. In fact I'd still be lost if not for the crosswinds of Daylight Savings Time sweeping me back next week.

Thanks to this, things are pretty unstable around here again. Especially with regards to time. Updates will likely appear sporadic and random until things settle down and the Sands quit shifting. I'll aim to do so on as close to a weekly basis as circumstances allow.

[The longer version: Those of you paying close attention may have noticed that my answer to the Triangle question initially posted itself on the previous Tuesday. It also took all the weed killer and dead plant with it. This made for twice as much weed killer on that prior Tuesday which then continued to exist alongside the original application of weed killer until it was knocked back in time again. In other words, a dangerous Temporal Feedback Loop was created. This feedback caused two things: I was lost in Time, as mentioned above, and an infinite amount of weed killer obliterated anything plantlike in the website. It also trapped the chemicals in the past so that from that point forward in time, the Square Root of Cheese became entirely non-toxic.]

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