NOTICE: Do not eat the cheese!

It hasn't been easy, but the barrier is weakening. It took some clever semantics but I was able to upload applications of weed killer (hence the above notice). Even though the giga-flower in the web-page structure has defensively transmogrified itself into this wall of cheese, it has retained enough plant-like properties that the weed killer is wearing it down.

I should be able to get a couple of questions answered tomorrow. Later than promised, which I do apologize for.

My initial plan was to attach a cheese knife to a weed hacker... but then came the question of how to upload a physical device into cyberspace. Which is really the same reason I can't just download the flower/cheese wall out of there. Maybe someday I'll elaborate on this in a future KROC.

Come back tomorrow and we'll see how much advice I can get through the weakened barrier.

Again don't eat the cheese... most of it is saturated with weed killer.

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